Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now you can order from Sheznie's Bakery & Pay online!!

Dear Sheznie's Bakery Customers,

Starting November 2011, we are accepting orders online and you can pay with your credit/ debit card/ paypal account online! This is part of our effort to make our products more accessible to more customers and make it convenient for you just by a clicking a button! Choose from options of our menu items and pay online ! Just choose from our menu items & click buy now.

1) Sheznie’s Super Chunky Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies (approx. 16 pcs or 1kg
whole cake)
2) Super Moist Chocolaty Cupcake (approx. 16 pcs or 1kg whole cake)
3) Super Moist Vanilla Cupcake (approx. 16 pcs or 1kg whole cake)
4) Sheznie’s Fabulous Fried Oreos (approx. 16 pcs)
5) Refreshing Key Lime Pie (whole pie approx. 9” wide / 8 pieces mini pies
6) Delicious Pecan Pie (whole pie approx. 9” wide / 8 pcs mini pies)
7) Delectable Oats & Granola Pie,
8) Sheznie’s Magnificent Carrot & Walnut Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing (16 pieces
or 1kg whole cake)
9) Sheznie’s Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies (approx. 16 large pieces)
10) Sheznie’s Hearty Shepherds’ Pie (approx. 9” wide)
11) Sheznie’s Tasty Macaroni & Beef (approx. 9” wide)
12) Sheznie’s Scrumptious Beef Lasagna (approx. 9” wide)
13) Sheznie’s Delightful Spaghetti Beef Bolognese (approx. 9” wide)
14) Sheznie’s Desserts Variety Pack (4 pieces brownies, 4 pieces mini pies & 4 pieces
15) Sheznie’s Big Value Meal (1 single serving of Shephard’s Pie + lasagna + spaghetti +
macaroni & 2 pieces desserts)

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